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After my experiences in a larger scale game company, I thought it would be time to broaden my design and work experiences with a smaller agency working for a different audience while giving me the possibility to have a look at a small scale agency business and team structure.

My work spectrum was quite broad indeed, reaching from project aquise scribbles over classical print advertisements toward social media and web campaigns. The company itself has specialised on the field of viral marketing. They call themself “agency for immersive brand guidance” and the concept seems to be quite unique. The toppic which triggered me the most was the statement that they develop their strategies and ideas very closely in cooperation with the customers / companies. Creating advertisements which really brings a benefit to the users and possible customers, same as triggering their interest on a different level sounded very intruiging to me. In general I love to try to capture the ideas of the customer as exactly as possible and make their sometimes more or less vage ideas “come true”.

Standart advertising material for print.

The biggest project starting in January 2017 was a redesign of the company page for the plant growing supply company Romberg. After a first click-dummy which was created without my support scared the client design-wise, we started to integrate the client very closely into the design process with severel calls and presentations until the basic design guide was set and the final integration started. In the end the client was very happy and felt “save” during the design process and liked the outcome a lot.


Two steps of the process of redesigning the company page for romberg.

An other bigger client I liked to work on a lot was Geberit, a toilet and bad system selling company. We worked on pitching a pop-up spa event to this client and needed a lot of slides and scribbles to bring across the basic idea.

Presentation slides and design mock-ups for Geberit.

Working on the scribbles to illustrate the idea behind the pop-up spa was challenging as it showed me on how a sketch can trigger new discussions and ideas inside a team.

Scribbles for the pop-up spa idea pitch.

Furtheremore I learned that our agency often works in combination with other hired agencies for the bigger clients and I worked on some design integrations into already prepared materials.

Design integration examples for Geberit.

Very interesting as a concept idea was also the project around the book “AchtNacht” from Sebastian Fitzek. To illustrate one of the charactes of the book as a kind of service introduction to the related website combining a viral video into a kind of role play situation, I worked on animating several versions of the girl with Adobe Character Animator. It was great fun to see the different stages of the design reacting to my own face infront of the camera. In the end we used a simple gif animation to keep the amount of work limited due to time shortage.


Sketches for the character animation of Diana from the book AchtNacht.

One of the last projects I workd on was for the book “Anstand” from Matthew Quick. We worked on a “special” invitation for book selling companies to a presentation event. The invitation was ment to look like a personal data file of a former american soldier, the hero of the book. The final event will take place at the Berlin former airport Tempelhof. Organizing and creating the design, working in the feedback of the publisher and handling the printing and sending in time was quite a challenge.

Special invitation for the book presentation around “Anstand” published by HarperCollins.


Summing up my experiences I must confess that, although I cherished the experience with this small family like run business, I enjoy larger scale organizations and work structures more. The people were over all very nice and the topics interesting. Still missing the multicultural experience and the diversity in challenges and work enthusiasm, I want to start my next adventure at a larger scale organization with a broader range of cultural experiences and influences again, to keep on learning and growing at a faster speed.

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