trip to Vienna 2010

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I was visiting Vienna in Austria for 4 days the last week together with my mum.

It’s a very beautiful and old city. All the historical buildings with lots and lots of ornaments and decorations… The most amazing building for me was the Schönbrunn Palace. Habsburg monarchs were living there, such as Franz Joseph and Sisi. The park around the palace also includes a maze, a greenhouse, an old zoo and on and on …


The zoo is one of the oldest in whole Europe. It doesn’t look so big from the outside but with all the small hidden paths and animal houses it sure takes a lot of time to visit.

In and around the Innere Stadt of Vienna are a lot of places of interest too. Such as the Mozart monument, where a whole bunch of cute Asian tourists were making dozens of pictures … and so did I too. 😆


The food was very delicious and it seemed very healthy too! (Well, except of the ice cream and the Sacher torte of cause.) 😮

At a subway station I even found a digital number of eaten schnitzels since 1. January. The number was rising while I was taking this picture. I wonder whether they really connected every restaurant in Vienna and collecting the information just for this funny number presentation?!


I only was disappointed about the shopping streets. I somehow was expecting something “more”. But maybe I wasn’t searching on the right streets. So tell me where the great shopping places are hidden in Vienna and I will visit them next time. 😉

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