trip to Rome 2011

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I’ve visited Rome together with my boyfriend last summer. It was great! We accidentally visited the metropolis during its annual holiday week, so most of the Romans were gone on holiday themselves. Although some of the shops were closed it had also the upside of a much more silent city. Of cause there were still lots of tourists and it was indescribable hot. Midsummer might probably not be the best time to visit Rome, but it was fun anyway. 👿

Rome 1

We stayed in a nice small hotel near the main train station Termini. Although there are only two main metro lines, it was pretty easy to reach all the famous places we wanted to visit, like the Pantheon with its impressive light from the top. An other day we’ve visited the Castel Sant’Angelo and the Vatican City. The huge and opulent designed St. Peter’s Basilica was really amazing.

Rome 2

Those many fountains and little wells in Rome are really great in the heat. We visited the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain among other things.

Rome 3

The Circo Massimo really was my most loved place. There isn’t much to look at as there are only those 2 racetracks left, but alone this space and the freedom together with the Palatine Hill in the background … I really liked it a lot. 😮

Rome 4

The Tiber and its bridges were interesting too. We even managed to see the oldest bridge called Pons Aemilius from the year 174 BC in such a great lightning. At the evening there was entertainment along the waterside with many little shops and bars to attend.

Rome 5

One day was reserved for visiting Anzio, just an hour train travel away from Rome, with some nice beach lines. It seems to be more of a local holiday place, with small shops and strolling Italian people. And of cause I’ve visited the zoo of Rome too. It’s named Bioparco and is situated on part of the biggest public park Villa Borghese.

me as ape

One day we missed the opening times of the Forum Romanum and the Palatine Hill. So we used the last day for it, where we also traveled back to Berlin. Next time I visit Rome I want to see the Palatine Hill the first. I really liked it and we should have spend more time for it.

Rome 6

I’ve even printed my first picture book for this trip. I really like how it came out. Surely will make such a book for every trip from now onwards. :p

Rome book

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