studies (part 2)

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We also had some courses in the field of 3D and film production. Our first task was to create a little animation of the planets and the sun rotation and to model a small room with a desk, some chairs, pictures on the wall and glasses in Cinema 4D.

In the course computer animation we’ve created a short 3D film about the Phagocytosis, a cellular process. After a small storyboard we’ve combined 3D and 2D animations to introduce the process :


mixed 2D and 3D szene from the film

We’ve also worked with the green-screen technique in the course media technology video. We filmed the dog of a fellow student (my own dog didn’t wanted to cooperate) and placed him into some other scenes with the help of shake:

greenscreen movie with Jule

shake screen

Together with 2 fellow students we also produced a little image film for our university. We filmed the material, developed some characters who present the information and did the compositing:


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