studies (part 1)

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I’ve finished my computer science studies at the university of applied sciences Brandenburg with a bachelor degree this summer. As I’ve specialised in the field of Digital Media, I want to show you some of the projects I’ve done together with some fellow students over the past years.

To begin with, there were, of cause, also a whole lot of courses like math 1 – 3, programming 1 – 3, algorithm and database or automata theory … here are some impressions:

studies computer sciences

So many formulas and calculations … I’m often getting into the mood to scribble next to them. 😮

studies math

There were also courses like business administration, security or law which were very interesting too. But the best of all was all were all the media courses. 😉

In in the course media design in 2008 we’ve learned about typography and color contrasts:

typographic composition

Also some small games were developed during some exercises in different courses, like a little bunny pacman or a small interactive comic panel:

bunny pacman handy game interactive comic

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