small projects (part 1)

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In the last few years I was involved in some smaller projects for design or illustration aspects. Most of them I’ve done for friends.

Those are two guys which were the last developing state for a project of some fellow students at my university. The project was about helping young students find their way into the business world. And the little guy should help get the people interested.


Another time, a friend told me that he wants to post some pictures of a creature model he owns in a forum and whether I could paint him a nice pic for that reason. This was nearly the first time I was quite happy with the outcome, although at first I did not like the Orc-creature very much.


Near the end of my computer science studies a fellow student told me about a project he was planning. He wanted to produce a little animation film about a man on his daily way to work and how stressful he could feel crowded up in a mass of people. So the student asked me to think about two characters which he could model in 3D space.


During the sixth semester we got the task to create our own little game. Whereas I started to work on a dress up game mixed with a card game together with a fellow student, another friend came to me and asked whether I could create also his graphics. He wanted to create a jump and run game where a ninja, called “Karl”, would fight against some mad pirate snails in a woody surrounding.


An other friend asked me whether I could draw a header for his blog about bmx cycling. There were also some cooperation with people on deviantart. The one below was with a girl who has three nice little characters and like other people to draw them in a different style.


More projects are to come in the next part … 😀

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