schoolism – Digital Painting (part 2)

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When I started the course I didn’t realized that I can upload my pictures and get a rating for them. I thought that this would only be possible for the persons who pay more for a private feedback. So as I realized that I will get some kind of marks on the lessons but hadn’t really much time left to do all the assignments properly I got hectic. So I redid some of the earlier tasks and took more time to finish the following assignments properly. 👿

Lesson 6

Lesson 6 – Custom Brushes

The most time of this Lesson Bobby talked about the different possibilities that one has while adjusting the brush tool. I always skipped through this menu, as there were so many different options that I was too lazy to think about them all in detail. But while Bobby described them all I really got a feeling for it … I hope.

We also created our own brush tips and with those ready our task was to draw hair for a bald women head that was given. The top two haircuts where described during the lesson and for the bottom ones, I used different images from the web for idea support.

Also new to me was the fact that one can take snap shots in the history. This makes it possible to come back to a previous stage of the picture, without having to save it several times under a new name.


Lesson 7 – Vectors

As I don’t like vectors for art very much, this wasn’t one of my favourite lessons, but still I’ve learned a lot again. I always struggled with creating shapes the way I want them. Adjusting them afterwards was so laborious to me. But with Bobbys style of working some of the aspects got clearer to me and I find it now a little easier to create some nice shapes… but still… this surely never will be my favourite tool to work with. :p

Again, we used a lot of textures too. They really light up this some kind of boring feeling of vectors for me. With the use of layer styles there was nothing new to me.


Lesson 8 – Color Sketching

This Lesson started with some information on color theory in general. It was very informative and left me with the wish to learn more about color combinations and influences. The first attempt with the ape in the snow landscape was drawn during the lesson. The other two were out of my own imagination. I think the right one didn’t really worked out but well… I still like the scenery … hmmm beach 😮

I needed to turn down the opacity in the background again. I KNOW that this is better but I still always end up drawing with the same amount of saturation there like on the character. Maybe I will keep it that way and just turn it down at the end of the process.

Lesson 9

Lesson 9 – Color Finishing

The last assignment was the biggest one. We continued our work from the Lesson before and refined the picture with the little ape in the snow region. This assignment combined all the techniques Bobby introduced and was a great possibility to try to work freely with his style.

I really got used to scale my brush size and hardness during this lesson with the help of the keyboard instead of the menu. Also the changing of colors, the color picker and the smudge tool came to me intuitively without the need to search for them at the tool bars.

The feedback on the other students works were really helpful again to finish up my work.


Lesson 9 – Bonus Assignment

In the end I still had some hours left, so I tried my best with the bonus assignment. As I didn’t wanted to copy his way completely I tried out different colors and a different background. I still think Bobbys original is way better but well, I also like my little dragon dog too. 😉

Bobby also answered on some of my personal questions to him that one was able to post while uploading the assignments. It was really great to hear from him that way. I also got a nice certificate. 😆

My final score was:

final score

If you want to take the course yourself, or some of the other great courses they offer (I’m still thinking about taking part in “Creature Design” or “ZBrush”), you can click on this link to get yourself a little discount and me some extra money for my next course too. 😮


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