While growing our design team at aeria games (summer 2013 – summer 2016) the need to combine our given assets and information on a specific games in and before the active marketing phase arose. Together with the art and the creative directors we discussed first versions on style guides for the games “Echo of Soul” and “Dragomon Hunter” for internal (design and marketing teams) and external (specific marketing partners and production teams) use. Collecting and compiling all the assets and updates gave me a very interesting new view on our team efforts and work structures.

  • compilation of essential game assets
    (logo, elements, colors, fonts)
  • integration of guidelines
    (specific design effects and “bad examples”)
  • collection of developed assets
    (landing pages, newsletters, banners, additional elements)
  • continuous updates and versioning (internal and external use)
  • integrating specifications from marketing and production
  • coordinating with the art and creative directors


Aeria Games (part 2)

Aeria Games (part 3)