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I found some paper toy pictures yesterday. This is a great kind of handcrafted art, I think ! But as I could not decide which paper toy I would try out first, I ended up making my own little one. Of cause not a very complex… as it’s only a square… but I love him ! 😮

little green square pet papertoy, ready to get cut out: here

And here is a collection of some other great paper toys I found:
papertoy gorilla: it was my first papertoy some years ago, but I completely forgot about it
speakerdog: you can print out the blank version for free, but it can also look like this: by ~D-u-b-o-n
~el-salitas has also some cute papertoys in his gallery on DA
~luiskriegel has an interesting gallery too, I wonder how hard it is to create such cool shapes 😮
Nice Paper Toys: a whole network on the topic of paper toys 💡

sweet paper toy

sweet paper toys on an asian page 
so cute >.<

The next days, I will start to create some more paper toys. But maybe I will stick to the quare format… as it’s really simple and still cute  😆

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  1. Destiny

    YES! I like your version of the paper toys the best. I love the box format and I think you should stick to it as well. I am a fan of all of your art. Have you ever thought of putting them in books? If you did, I would buy them as soon as possible!

  2. Destiny

    Also, how did you add the speech bubble and what type of writing did you use? It looks really cool and is also what I love about your art.

  3. Luis Kriegel

    Hi Luise! Thanks for your comments on my work. I came by your post by chance but was really happy that you mentioned me. I’ll be posting more toys soon.


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