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Odosketch is a project of odopod. It’s some kind of digital canvas you can use on the website.

“Odosketch seeks to recreate the decidedly non-digital experience of working with a sketchbook. Its papery textures, variety of brushes and intentional imperfections make you forget you’re working on a screen.” [from the website]

That’s true because it’s often hard to get the brush to draw at that exact place that you want it to. But somehow that makes the charm of this project even bigger. It’s really great to grab some ideas by doodling around on the platform.

odosketch pictures 1

There’s also the possibility to re-watch your drawing process with the playback feature. I LOVE to watch the drawing again also in between because I can think about the picture and what’s still missing more efficiently. It’s also fun to watch the pics of others and how they’ve started.

odosketch pictures 2

Sometimes I just miss the “return step” possibility but as they want to have a realistic sketchbook I think this is necessary. 😮 There are also some featured sketches on the main page. And lucky me I’ve also got 2 times chosen for a featuring. I was very happy realising it although this means nothing special. 😆

odosketch thumbnails

Go and visit the project on your own if you like to: odosketch by odopod
Or visit my little gallery there: pinkbunnylilli at odosketch
💡 Sometimes the website is a little slow.

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  1. Lena

    Hi and sorry for my english

    Wow.. You are a great artist.. you have the gift to make all these beautiful draws
    Do you have some tablet?? I want one *-*

    I love your portraits.. so lifelike 😀
    I found your website on odosketch.. ^^

    xoxo and one more time, sorry for my english

  2. flashkid

    Nice drawings i done actually know how to use odosketch.Hehehehehe

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