master studies (part 3)

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The third semester started in winter 2011. I was able to choose my most wanted course at the btk: Scribbling and Illustration. Our lecturer was Volker Schlecht (Drushba Pankow). We started with different tasks on perspective, portrait and even collage.

Scribbling and Illustration

Finally our main task was to create a little story or comic of our own interest. So I’ve chosen to create a small comic for Jane Austen’s romance novel “Sense and Sensibility” as it was possible to break down the whole story into just 10 pages. At least I hope that it worked out. :p

Sense and Sensibility

You can read the whole comic here: Sense and Sensibility Comic.

We also got a class project for a museum in Berlin. They want to create some kind of retrospective of the Dadaism Great International Fair of the summer of 1920. Our task was to think about innovative approaches and therefore, recreate the exhibition digitally. We got picture material from 1920 and from an earlier retrospective of it to start from. Our work will be continued by students from the following semester.


We talked about different media theorists and philosophers, like Vilém Flusser, Paul Virilio, Friedrich Kittler and Neil Postman and their view on the modern media society. It was really interesting how their past conclusions about the future really matching up with our society now, at least partly.

There was also an other group work with a compositing task, where a car model needed to be placed inside our gym. We worked on stuff like clean plate, mirrorball-image, card-dom, fitting the lighting and color correction, to produce a short movie clip.


At the end of the semester there was short entrepreneurship course, in which we talked about our business possibilities. After the last semester ended I still got one term paper open, where I’ve chosen to write about the topic of “digital painting” in general.

The article will follow. 😮

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