master studies (part 2)

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The second semester, during summer 2011, was very practical too. The cooperation with the btk continued, but I had only one official course where the main topic was to create a new portfolio for oneself. The developed page can be found here: portfolio 2011


I’ve also taken part in an additional course in life drawing. This was pretty exciting and highly beneficial for me and my drawings. I’m sure to take more courses in life drawing if I get the chance in the future. An article and more pics can be found [here].


We also had some theoretical courses, for example in databases. I’ve chosen to give a speech about the mongo and the amazon simple DB. There were quite a lot of papers to learn from for the final test.


We also got a lot of small tasks during some input days. One task was to create a script idea for a new interpretation of “Faust”. As I worked together with a fellow student, we came to the basic idea of letting it take place in the nature with animal characters, kind of suitable for children. Our main protagonist therefore was a grey wolf and the bad guy “Mephisto” was a red fox.


One big project during the second semester was to create several stage designs for a script of our own wish. So I’ve chosen “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen for my project group, as I really like her romantic novels a lot and this one is probably the most famous one. The storyline was reviewed for its dramatic highlights and research on different stage design approaches was done. We’ve chosen to keep a somewhat classic style, due to the story, but with a comic influence. The final stage design sketches where then transferred into 3D space and later combined into a little flash application, to present the 2D and 3D work in comparison with different lighting options to choose from.


I’ve also got the chance to continue the work on my new dress up game number 22. The last semester I could work on a detailed plan for the new game during a course at the btk and now I had the chance to work on the graphics and the game itself. So instead of heading directly into the work with Flash, I’ve started with Illustrator this time, to create some nice and detailed graphics first.


An article about the game can be found here: “Game Date them all“.

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