internship: GameArt Studio

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I had a short internship in 2006 between my school leaving examination and the start of my computer science studies. It took place at the GameArt Studio in Berlin. It was a small group of about 10 people and it was quite interesting for me to notice how such a studio works on browser based games for the web. They actually worked on a game called “Holy War”.


My first task was to convert a font. Not a very interesting assignment but time consuming. I’ve later used this font in a map I’ve created in a large scale. This map is used as visualisation for the places of the holy battles. One can zoom into the map at different points. This was the first time I’ve worked with such a large scale image.


I’ve also created some other art and icons, but was not allowed to keep them. And as I do not play this online game, I wasn’t able to find out whether they also use those images or not. 😮

The last task was to think about a whole new style for the game together with another trainee. As we presented our work there was also a professional designer who showed his design ideas and I surely was impressed because the differences were significant. And so I wanted to try harder and get better in design aspects too. 💡

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