gamescom 2009

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I have visited the gamescom in Cologne last Wednesday.  It is a new game trade fair, games festival and business platform in Germany. In the last years at this time, a comparable fair was hold in Leipzig.


I must say that I liked the “old” trades in Leipzig better, but maybe only because this was the first time I visited the “exclusive day for industry professionals and the press“. The good point on that day was, that there were not as many people as usual and I really came to play and test every game I wanted. On the bad side, some parts of the event were not finally build up and some stage shows did not take place. The worst point was, that even the most food stands did not open up and I ended in a long queue at one of the only food shops open. 🙁


As this was the day for the press, many cameras and people with microphones were walking by. As I were sitting down at a game, they were even coming to me, position a camera in front of me and asking, weather I would answer a question for their show about woman and computer games. But I got a scare and refused to answer their question  😮


The next 2 days I visited Cologne and the Cathedral (sooo many steps). I even walked a little in the Rhine. As this was one of the hottest days for this year in Germany, I even wanted to swim between the big cargo ships but I was missing my swim suit.


I hope to visit Cologne once again. It’s a great city! 😉

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