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The Game “Date them all” (2011) was the first one I’ve really planned very well before starting with the actual work. The idea of a dating game was chosen by the kids on my website with the help of a poll. Afterwards I’ve got the chance to prepare the game during two courses at my master studies. I’ve created some verbal descriptions to get the idea clear, personas, main tasks and user journeys to create a stable game flow and some wire-frames to present the final game layout, so that a usability test was possible.


In the other course I had the chance to create most of the in-game arts and animations.

The game contains the possibilities to date up to four different guys in different locations. The user needs to create a dressing style for the girl that fits the taste of one of the guys in order to earn points. There are the possibilities to save the dressing styles in four slots, compare the styles with each other and getting some hints on what the guy likes and what he thought about the style one has chosen and the place of the “date” itself. After the user successfully completed dates with all the guys there’s a final assembly to celebrate the success.

You can play it on my “PinkBunnyLilli – Dress Up Games and more” website: Date them all

date them all

Sadly the game got some critics by the owner of “”, because the main idea is to “please” the taste of the guys. So yea, that’s really a good point that I should have given a thought during the development. It also reminded me about the critic from “” who told me that I could add more “diversity” in skin colors to my games. And there are several posts around other gaming sited that show some people think the girls in my games are too skinny.

I really should think about the criticism the next time I create a little dress up game. 🙂

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