Game 17 and 4

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Today, I want to show you the flash game that I made this January for my course in multimedia production. It’s a mix between a card game and a dress up game. The card game part was programmed by a fellow student but the design and all other stuff around the card game are created by me. 😮

Here are some pictures of the game:


In the menu you will find the card game in the middle, surrounded by the girl and boy which you can dress up later. The piano button can stop the music. (After some time the music gets annoying but, somehow, it suits the theme very well.) And the story book will tell you the story behind this little game. (About the queen and her date with Jack.) You can even click the spotlights off and on.


This is the gambling table. You can start every single round with the bell on the left. Then you need to take some cards until you like to stop. (So before the number of 21, as the game is related to black jack.) There always comes a little animation, telling you whether you win or you lose. The wins and defeats are also displayed on the upper part of the screen. You can read the rules and change the design of the desk and cards back here.


After you have won 2 times, the changing room for the boy, called Jack, will appear. Here you can try out different outfits, including hats and swords. You can also change his hairstyle and hair color. Only the skin color is a little bit small in variety.  :p


The same with the queen. You will have the choice between 5 different dresses and accessories. You can add one of 7 different flowers, 3 hair flowers a crown and a veil. Furthermore there are 3 different hairstyles and colors. If you click on the lipstick, you can even change her face. (But they are not really “good looking” anyway. ^^”) This changing room will be available after 4 wins.


After some more card game wins, there will be a final scene shown to you. Depending on your chosen outfits, there are 3 different options, how the queen will react on Jack. The Queen will sniff on her flower, look at Jack and: 1) dropping the flower while turning around and leave the scene, 2) go through Jack but leave the scene on the other side or 3) go to Jack and kiss him. Furthermore there are different surroundings depending on the Queens Dress. If you did not reach the final 100 points, there will be help shown, on what you could try to reach a better ending.

It’s the biggest dress up game I’ve done so far. You can play it on my “PinkBunnyLilli – Dress Up Games and more” website: Dress Up 17 and 4

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