Dress Up Games (until 2009)

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In the year 2006 I’ve started to create my first Dress Up Game out of fun and with the help of a tutorial I found on DeviantArt. After I’ve put it online there was a huge number of visitors playing that game on my DeviantArt account ( 52,793 up until now).

So I’ve started to make some more games of that kind and put it online on my own web address called: www.pinkbunnylilli.de.

Most of my Dress Up Games I draw in Photoshop. I also tried to draw them directly in Flash but … well … it’s always a tiring challenge for me. I think the first try in 2007 with the game “Style Up Loona” went the best. It was also copied to some Arab forums. Although I couldn’t read the language in that forums I saw that there were many screenshots uploaded and that made me proud 😉

In 2008 I’ve made a very personal doll with the game “Dress Up Me“. I’ve included some of my own clothes and even my dog. Then I’ve created the game “Style Up Susan“. It is meant to bring the user the impression that he “colors the girl with crayons” instead of the normal “put on clothes”. And finally, for Christmas, I came up with the idea of letting the visitors of my website win some prices. Therefore Ubisoft sponsored me 10 Nintendo DS games and I’ve created the game “Dress her up for Christmas Market“. My visitors then should send me screenshots of the doll they’ve created with my game. It went very well and I hope the winners were happy with their prices.

In 2009 I’ve created 7 more games to different topics. One was even for my university studies, you can find a whole article about it here. For Halloween I’ve created a game where one can choose between a little girl or a little boy who gets dressed up. It’s called “Funny Halloween” and I put a little bit more effort into the menu functions then usual.

Here are all my Dress Up Games of the last years:


Game NB 19Game NB 18Game NB 17
Game NB 16Game NB 15Game NB 14
Game NB 13


Game NB 12Game NB 11Game NB 10
Game NB 09


Game NB 08Game NB 07Game NB 06
Game NB 05Game NB 04Game NB 03
Game NB 02


Game NB 01

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