digital portrait: angelic girl with bird

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A new digital portrait I did in just one day. I was in the mood for it so I searched on DeviantArt for a stock image of a cute girl. And because she was looking up I decided that something needs to be on her head. So I looked again for a good stock image and I’ve chosen a red bird.

She looks a little too much like a Barbie I think now but it’s still ok I hope 😆

You can find the final piece of work here: (DeviantArt)

Here is a short Making of the angelic girl with bird:

Making of Angelic Girl with Bird

You can find the final piece of work here: (DeviantArt)

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  1. Artistticly

    Amazing! The 2nd image looks so lifelike. 😀

  2. aly

    :p doesnt look real at all sorry plz no bad comments about just about what i said cuz this is what i think inside 🙁

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