DAC (Design-A-Character)

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DAC is some kind of weekly character design contest on DeviantArt. I’ve taken part in this challenge for some weeks, last summer (2010).

shape challenge
style challenge – Chris Sanders

In this contest-series you will get a different task every week, such as creating characters out of various shapes or based on a theme and then creating its opposite or other unusual stuff. The contest  to create a character in the art style of Chris Sanders was one of the hardest up until now. It was really very difficult for me to try to keep his style and not returning to my own….. and well … I think I’ve missed the tasks and DID my own style but it was fun to try anyway… 😆

profile challenge – teenager
theme challenge – “rococo” fashion/mood

While it was really challenging to create some stuff after those different tasks, it was also very interesting to look at the pictures, the other users on DeviantArt cam up with. Sometimes others got a similar idea then oneself and sometimes it was really great to see what else people could do with those shape tasks for example. So it’s really sad that I haven’t got the time to do this more often… 🙁

imagination challenge

Here’s a link to the DAC page on DeviantArt. Please show me your works if you’ve done some too. 😉

re-imagine challenge – “Goku” (DragonBall)

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