Chris Creature Design (part 3)

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To support the final three dimensional modeling by Alexander Holz, I did a Model Sheet as a guideline to show the designed creature from different views. It was quite hard to keep the distances and shapes correct from the different angles and I also did some small mistakes which I’ve noticed much later. I thought the design was clear to me in general but by doing this exercise I realised how little I had thought about the volumes in general and the figure from the back.


For the final presentation of the design I added some more details and a background to the final three dimensional model. Maybe I overdid the lighting effects a little. 👿

In the final illustration I’ve now showed the creature in its fictional environment and therefore it should feel more realistic and convincing then before.


To complete the support of my master thesis by this project I did some more sketches for different size comparison and facial expressions on a Expression Model Sheet. Those could later be used as a guideline ore blue print for the three dimensional creation of blend shapes to help illustrate and animate different emotions.


Out of curiosity we finally printed the three dimensional model with the prototyping process of stereolithography. Its really great to see the final design outcome in reality, like it came to life somehow. 😀

I’m curious how the 3D printing technology will develop in the future. It actually kind of feels like creating your own specialised toys. Still the color is missing with this example.


In the end the final design did not completely convince Chris although he liked the final three dimensional print. Nevertheless the project as a whole supported my master thesis a lot and was a great way for me to get a little deeper into the process of character and creature design as a whole.  😮

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