Aeria Games (part 2)

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Beginning of 2014 aeria games was bought by the ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE and I was promoted from the junior position to a normal graphic designer in autumn. The team had grown by then and was building an own department now. We hired specialized people for graphic design, motion design and frontend integration. Taking part in the hiring process was very interesting and I was surprised on how this experience same like helping the new team members to get started with documentations and personal help was beginning to be a big motivation for me and my daily work.


Bigger projects and more complex pages were possible by now. We worked on html5 banner sets and updated our landing page process where we now could integrate video, sprite and CSS3 animations same like 3D model previews. The company was growing its mobile department with titles like Battle and Monsters, Dawn of Gods, Goal One and we started working on more mobile related assets like app icons, screenshots and video previews for the apple and android stores.


We also worked on more PC titles like Chaos Heroes Online, Echo of Soul and Dragomon Hunter. For the last two games I’ve started to develop two first style guides together with the team to help us keeping our assets in line across multiple platforms and to keep track of the latest design decisions made by our new Creative Director Eric and Clotilde.



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